Tracking with three SL blocks in a Rise course

Hi, all:

I'm having some trouble. I have a Rise course with three SL360 blocks (one in each lesson). I cannot get the course to play on either our LMS (Intellum) or on SCORM Cloud. When I had only one lesson with one SL block, it ran like a dream.

The course says it's opening, but there is only a blank window and it never loads. No error message. I suspect it has to do with tracking course completion, but I'm not sure. 

Each SL piece tracks minimum number of slides viewed (I have no other option).  I can set that at whatever. I had a quiz in the Rise portion, and wanted to use that to show course completion. Is that a conflict? I took the quiz out and changed the tracking option, but it still doesn't work. 

Help is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

(I'm publishing the SL files to Art 360 and the Rise as SCORM 1.2, the Rise course file is only about 43mb, the SL files are around 20 slides each, I'm using Chrome and have cleared my cache and managed pop-ups.)

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