Transferring courses

I work for a large organisation with just a team of 8 in L&D. Sometimes other people in our organisation purchase subscriptions to Articulate in order to build content in Storyline. The subscriptions are not always maintained, especially if someone from that team leaves the organisation. Is there a way to transfer a build from one subscriber to another if they aren't in the same team?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Emma!

What kind of content do you need to transfer from one person to another?

  • Rise 360: use the Send a Copy feature to send courses to anyone who has an Articulate 360 subscription.
  • Storyline 360: Simply attach the .story file to an email, or save it to a shared drive. Just be sure the recipient moves the file to their own hard drive before opening it to prevent file corruption.

Since you're already part of an Articulate 360 team, it might be worth adding additional seats to your existing team instead of purchasing a separate subscription. If you have questions about that, you can reach our team at