Transferring RISE course to someone not in my team

Hey there,

Quick question - we produced a suite of courses in RISE for our own company - but now have interested parties that want to purchase them, we can of course export as SCORM, but want to know if it's possible, that if the other company are also RISE users, if we can transfer the content to them in RISE so they can edit?

Would it be as straightforward as inviting them into our team briefly, transferring ownership of a copied course to their user - then kicking them out of the team again?

Or is that too simple...

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Karl Muller

We deal with external vendors that create some of courses. We use two methods, one being sending a copy of a course by email as described above. While this works well, you end up with copies of the course which could potentially create versioning issues.

The other method is to change ownership of the course. The person external to your organization does not need to be a member of your team, but they do need to have a Teams type account for you to change ownership of the course. In this case there is just one version of the course.