Transferring Rise Files

Jun 04, 2020

A colleague is sending a bunch of Rise files over that he is passing to us to continue working on. The first batch of 10-15 come over no problem. The others have been stuck since yeasterday. Log in and you see No Tile, a spinning circle and "Loading" beside the spinning circle. 


Did he send too many and it gummed up the transfer? I don't see a way to cancel the transfer and we are waiting for him to send more.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul! I'm happy to help!

First, what web browser are you using? Do you notice a difference if you log into Rise 360 using an incognito browser window?

Also, I've seen this happen when the Windows system clock and time zone aren't set automatically. Here's how you can check that. 

  1. Open Windows Settings.
  2. Locate the Data & Time setting.
  3. Toggle the Set time automatically and the Set time zone automatically to OFF and back ON (as shown in the screenshot below).
  4. Click the Sync Now button.
  5. Close Windows Settings.

Let me know if that helps you!

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