Translating Rise 360 Manually

Hello everybody, 

I have a question! We are using Rise 360 since a couple of months and we are a company where we have about 22 authors regarding to different market needs. So we at the headquater are creating e-trainings and for example people in the USA, France, Ukraine are adapting them and translating them. So for a Rise course translating is fine when they work with an translation tool like Trados but if they normaly translated the word files from Storyline manually they have a problem with Rise now - as it just gives you an XLF File. And translating just in the course drives you crasy as you can't search and replace. Dose anybody had already a similar szenario? Or a idea of what we can do? 

Thanks for your help in advance and very best regards


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Sarah!

It sounds like you're familiar with the process for translating Rise 360 courses, but you're looking for another method that doesn't include an XLIFF file. 

I'll open the floor to the community: Do you have experience manually translating a Rise 360 course? If so, please share your tips with Sarah!