Translation export contains text no longer in the course

We are working through translations of a Rise course and were notified by our translations groups that there is a sentence that appears 11 times throughout the course. This sentence is just placeholder text within our template and was removed throughout development and yet it still appears in the translation text files. I have confirmed that the sentence is present in the actual course by using the search function within Rise, however, this text is not visible in the course itself which is strange. After more investigations, it appears that our other courses do not have the same issue. Has anyone encountered this issue? Where despite the deletion of text, the translation export still contains these deleted segments?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Victoria!

The filler text probably came from a block type that can be converted to other blocks. For example, if you add a Paragraph with Heading block, then change it to a Heading block, the paragraph text is preserved in the background in case you want to switch it back. 

However, if you've deleted the filler text and replaced it with your own custom text, then I wouldn't expect the filler text to appear in your XLIFF file. 

If you can share your XLIFF file with our team here, we'd be happy to take a closer look!