Translation feature in Rise 360

Jan 13, 2023


We are based in Canada and I work with Rise 360. I tested exporting a course via  XLIFF file, saving it with Notepad (.xlf format) and sending it to my translator so she can try running it through her translation system. 

It worked partially. The file is configured with the source language en-US.

Since we are in Canada, the translator's system is based on source language en-CA, so it doesn’t show most of the translation (see attached). Is there a was for my Articulate account to configure with a source language en-CA? Any recomendations... Thanks

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Thor Melicher

Taking a look at your images, it looks like your translator is using Trados to do the translation.  She will want to do some searching in the Trados forums to see if there is any advice on how to work with Rise 360 files.

Regarding the source language, you or your translator can hand-edit the file to reflect en-CA before importing into Trados but this is likely not the problem.   Rise 360 does not follow the XLIFF conventions 100% as it's doing double duty to handle both translation and correct formatting of your course.

I created another solution that might be helpful that will take the Rise 360 XLIFF file and then make it editable in Excel.  If you're interested to find out more, please either send a private message to me here or send me a message via LinkedIn.