Translation in Rise: Labels

I recently submitted my translation request for the labels in RISE. My translators have a had a bit of trouble with this, due to the fact that the tool provides very limited context and rigid position of what comes before/after said label. 

  • SKIP TO SECTION: I haven't been able to generate this text in any project and need to know if this text is standalone or if there is a number or section title following it. 
  • 80% COMPLETE: In some languages, "complete" may need to come before the number. This situation is similar in other labels as well. We seem to have no control over the positioning of the number and the text - making translation difficult. In some languages, the number needs to fall within the text somewhere other than where it's positioned (e.g., Lesson complete).

Has anyone else run into this? We are trying to build labels in EN, GE, SP, HI, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, PO, SW, CH (simplified and traditional). 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

The Skip to Lesson is one of the features for keyboard navigation. So if your learners won't be using that to navigate, you wouldn't need to translate it here. It'll jump to the lesson vs. having the user navigate into the sidebar. 

Within the Label editor, you'll see the text you cannot edit in Grey, such as the 5 in "Lesson 5 Complete". I can let the team know that you'd like to modify the order of those items, and it would help to know which languages this would impact! 

James MacEwan

I have been having the exact same difficulty!

I recommend a translation guide be created in English with screen shots of all the labels and suitable descriptive commentary describing the context. 

When a set of labels needs translation, a link with all of the context can be sent to the translator.

I am just starting my journey with this tool and anticipate I will need 100+ language translations in the next 12 months. The guide will save time for each of the 100+ translators that I will be working with.