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Hi All, 

I have a Rise course whitten in English that some of our users in non english spkeaking countries are struggling to understand. 

From what I understand there is no option to easlily translate your content into multiple languages in Rise.  I was looking for a work around and found that Google offers a plugin to automatically translate any webpage:

I understand the quality of the translation will not be great but it is a start. 

I tried to get it to work but they ask you to "Copy and paste the following code snippets onto every page you want to translate"  I tried to do this on the .index.html page but it did not work. 

Has anyone tried this and got it to work? 




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Diego Molina

Hi, I am a translator and I just sent an email offering to volunteer to translate Rise to Spanish. I hope they accept as it is crucial for authors in other languages. I have a Spanish course and I just cannot publish it with anything in English. Please, convey my volunteer offer to the person who makes the decisions. I will be happy to help. 

Rémi Cotrait

Hi! I was going to ask a similar question. I'm sad to learn that there is still no ETA for this feature initially planned for Q3 2017.

Looking for a mobile-friendly solution to design modules we would have done with Storyline before, we were considering going for Rise. Yet, we realized it was missing this essential export/import feature of Storyline, which would be ideal to localize and/or translate Rise modules in a flash not needing to re-format screens. 

The lack of this feature makes us less enthusiastic about the tool since it would add unnecessary time or costs to export and import contents screen by screen for 14 languages and even more localized versions....

Let's hope it will not be further delayed. Would be great to have an actual date of release to help us decide on which tool to use.



Dominik Ginthier

Hello everyone,

I fully agree with Rémi. It is really a pity that this feature is not yet available. We are also translating all our courses (no exceptions) into 16 languages. We are subscribed to Articulate 360 since December 2016 and we haven't developed a single Rise course because of the missing translation feature.  

It would be very helpful to have an ETA, so that we can plan our resources accordingly. I think the future belongs to programs like Rise.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Tim Danes

Hi Ashley,

My assumptions:

  1. I'm going to assume that commercial advantage stops the release of any roadmap and/or visibility of the Project Backlog.  Frustrating, costs us (the consumer) lots of money, but makes sense.
  2. I understand the risk of giving a timeframe.  If people make decisions, and it's not released, then there will be backlash.  I get it.  However, large companies like Apple, Samsung, or Google still take this risk 1 or 2 months away from release.  As a consumer of your product, I'd MUCH prefer that approach so I can make educated decisions about my development tools for long-range projects.  Add my name to the chorus of those who would love a more transparent release process from Articulate.
  3. My understanding is that to create something as comprehensive as translation, you need lots of pieces of the puzzle working together.  And, if you're like every software dev company, you'll have a 'Minimum Viable Product' (MVP) for translation to work.  eg. 5 of the 15 pieces of the overall puzzle.

My question:

Is MVP scoped for release in the next or following releases (assuming a relatively clean testing/bug-fix regime which would obviously impact the release date)?




Dominik Ginthier

Hi Ashley,

It would be really nice to have an update. We did now some modules were we manually copy and pasted the translations, but it is so time consuming that it is not worth it in the long run. A translation feature is absolutely needed and should be priority number one. 

Also right-to-left for Arabic is not supported yet. That goes into the same direction. Label translation does not work properly either as there is a character limit and some translations are longer than others. We couldn't fit all the terms in. 

An exact release date would help a lot otherwise we are wasting money.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Tim Danes

Hi Justin,

Thanks so much for the heads up, very appreciated.  That gives me confidence moving forward to be able to develop a significant upcoming project in Rise.  It's planned for release later this year, but translation needed to be addressed later in the year.

Again, thanks so much, really appreciated.


Dominik Ginthier

Hi Ashley, hi Justin,

Are you planning to release Right-to-Left support at the same time? Among the languages we are translating into are also Arabic and Farsi. We can only use the translation feature if these two languages are also supported, otherwise not. We have to offer all our content in all languages and I can't develop parts in Rise and parts in Storyline, that just doesn't make sense.

Thank you.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dominik,

Thanks for reaching out about RTL languages. That is something our team is planning on in addition to a translation feature, but they're separate items right now. I don't have an ETA for either at this point, so I can't say if they'll be released together or not, but I will make sure my team is aware of your comments here! 

David Moreno

Hi N R,

Here's some guidance...

After receiving a few inquiries about the localization of courses developed in Articulate Rise, we put together a blog post explaining the process and workarounds needed, while Articulate are "working on a translation feature".

Here's the Blog: Articulate Rise Localization

Feel free to ask any questions.

David Moreno

Matt Garton

Hi David,

We've been localizing in Rise for a bit now. I mostly agree with your assessment. Great write up!

The only think I would add, is #3 does not result in a "source" file that is editable/changeable in Rise. The output becomes source which some of our client have not accepted. For now we are mostly doing as you describe in #2.

#3 is great if an output is all you need and does provide better automation, if no Rise source is needed.

Matt Garton
Desktop Publishing (DTP) Manager

Leslie McKerchie

You nailed it Rémi :)

Thanks for popping in to share.

Justin shared an ETA for this feature here:

We feel comfortable targeting Q2 2018 to release Course Translation. I hope this helps with your planning, and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready to go.

We do have this thread attached to the report so that we can update you here when we can as well.