Translation in Rise

Hi All, 

I have a Rise course whitten in English that some of our users in non english spkeaking countries are struggling to understand. 

From what I understand there is no option to easlily translate your content into multiple languages in Rise.  I was looking for a work around and found that Google offers a plugin to automatically translate any webpage:

I understand the quality of the translation will not be great but it is a start. 

I tried to get it to work but they ask you to "Copy and paste the following code snippets onto every page you want to translate"  I tried to do this on the .index.html page but it did not work. 

Has anyone tried this and got it to work? 




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Katie Riggio

Great news, everyone! You can now localize a Rise course into other languages. Simply export text to an XLIFF file, translate it, then import it back into Rise with formatting intact.

Continue to stay in the Rise know by checking out its release notes here – and be sure to also check out Kelly's announcement here 🌟