Translation problem in Rise - XLIFF file

Oct 21, 2019

Hallo there

I am ready to translate my first (of many) e-learnings into numerous languages.  I had hoped that this would be a simple procedure, the instructions are clear and it seemed to be a straight forward process.

Unfortunately I came across a problem early on (Step 2), I couldn't seem to export the course as an XLIFF file, (my PC wouldn't allow it?).  I decided to try downloading the file in Word format, which seemed to work, but created a document with no formatting at all.  Now, every time I try again to export the course as an XLIFF file, it will ONLY export in Word format.  

Could someone please help me with advice on how to correctly export the course as an XLIFF document?  

Many thanks in advance!

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Jo Innes

Hey Alyssa

Thank you for your response!  I am very happy to have contact with you but actually your answer doesn't help my specific problem :)  I think I didn't explain my question clearly enough because my problem has to do with the stage before the actual translation part of the procedure.  My probIem is - I cannot successfully export the XLIFF file from Articulate to my PC.  I tried to solve this problem myself by converting the export to a Word document, now I can ONLY export the information in Word format.  So I cannot get further than unsuccessfully trying to export the information right now. 

Do you have any other advice for me, specifically on how to export the e-learning as an XLIFF file, (rather than as a Word document)?

Many thanks in advance...


Crystal Horn

Hi Jo. Thanks for clarifying! Let's try two ideas: make sure your computer recognizes the XLF file as XLIFF and not Word, and see if using a different browser allows you to save the XLF file for translating.

  • First, we want to make sure that your computer is recognizing the XLF file the right way. This third party tutorial for changing file associations in Windows might help. You can also as your IT team to have a look.
  • Second, try another browser for exporting your Rise 360 content for translation. I'd like to see if the browser is preventing the download. Use any of these supported browsers.

Let us know how you make out!

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