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Holly Garza

Hi Alyssa.  So we have been in constant working mode trying to get our Rise course to integrate with Docebo.  And we still have no luck.  We have finally gotten it to upload, but we are now getting the attached error about sequencing issues.  We have been unable to open the file in the LMS so we aren't sure what "output" file we could share.  

My file has 2 storyline embedded files in the Rise created content (I saw some blogs about this as a potential issue in the past).  We have tried the file in both SCORM and xApi formats.  We are getting further with xApi.  Please help.  This is a truly significant issue for my credibility with this client.

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Holly! 

The output file you would share with us for testing would be the zipped folder that downloads to your hard drive when you export for LMS.

You also have the option of uploading that zipped folder to SCORM Cloud for testing. That's the best way to answer the question, "Is the problem related to my output, or is it the LMS?" If it works properly on SCORM Cloud, it's a good indication that the issue is in the LMS.