Trying to use SL block completion trigger in Rise course, but LMS giving error.

May 07, 2019

We've been having an issue lately where the Rise courses loaded into our LMS are not being marked "complete" for our users when they have finished the course. Without a quiz result, I don't see a way in the Rise settings to let them mark their course complete except to add a Storyline block with a "complete course" button trigger. 

I've created a SL course with one slide, no player, just the one button to complete course, and published to Review as HTML5 only, per our usual. I've added the block into the Rise course with no problem, but when I go to load the zipped Rise course into our LMS (Cornerstone), I get an error that I cannot use two standards (AICC, Scorm, xAPI). We're not using two- we only ever use Scorm 2004, so I don't know where the other standard is coming from.

I was able to load up the Rise course without the interactive block, so I think it's something about this SL complete course trigger. Any ideas? I've added the course trigger here, maybe one of my settings needs adjusting.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Rachel - 

Thanks for the reference over here. I did post to another thread. Will try to find that one. 

My solution to this problem

I think the upload process is being overly picky about the files contained in the zip. This is pretty annoying for publishers. The uploader should simply ignore any files within the zip if it's uploaded as a SCORM file, "Uploaded with Errors", rather than rejecting the file with a critical error. Here's how I am fixing it:

  1. Unzip the SCORM file. 
  2. Search the unzipped folder for tincan.xml. 
  3. Delete the tincan.xml files that return in the search. 
  4. Rezip the contents of the unzipped file, ensuring that the imsmanifest file is at the root of the zip.


** If you don't remove the tincan.xml files from the imsmanifest file, you'll get warnings for every missing file. Not a big deal. It'll still upload.