Two issues: (1) After uploading the Rise course to Cornerstone, the course always starts with the content in the Storyline Block,

And when the ST block completes, it exits the entire course.  I have tried setting the last slide (which is set up to go to black and exit when the timeline ends) to: Exit Course, Complete Course and Pause Timeline. 

In Rise, I have tried turning off the Exit Course option and turning on Block Entrance Animations.   Any ideas  you might have would be appreciated.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mark.  Thanks for the good description.  We're looking at an issue where the Exit Course trigger in Storyline is causing the whole Rise course to exit when hosted in an LMS.  I'll add this discussion to the report so you can be notified of any fixes.

In the meantime, the workaround is to remove the Exit Course trigger from Storyline.  On a desktop, the Storyline block plays within the Rise interface.  You shouldn't need the Exit Course trigger to "close" the Storyline content.  The block will be ever present in Rise, anyway.  If you do have a specific need for the Exit Course trigger, though, please don't hesitate to explain further!  We'll brainstorm on the best plan of attack.

Tell me more about the Storyline block automatically launching, though. 

  • Where in the Rise course is your Storyline block located?  Is it in the first lesson?  
  • Is the Rise course skipping lessons and jumping directly to the one with the Storyline block?
  • Storyline blocks will begin playing automatically once you open that lesson in Rise.  If you have media on the first slide in Storyline, it'll start playing even if it is several blocks down.  You can control this behavior one of two ways:  
    • Add a continue button before the Storyline course so that it is only revealed once your learner clicks to continue

    • Add a static "start" screen to your Storyline content so the user clicks to initiate any media or interaction in Storyline.

Let me know what you think!

Mark Rainville

Hi Crystal, thanks for the ideas.  I did set the ST final screen's trigger to Pause Timeline and then added a Continue Block BEFORE the ST Block within Rise.  Although I would rather NOT have the Continue BLOCK forcing my learners to make an extra click,  these changes did resolve my issues.  Yeah.

Regarding  your questions:  The ST block is the first lesson.  It also starts with music and an animation path.  

The course was not skipping lessons because it was the first lesson.