Two New Rise Features for Creating Branched Scenarios: Turn Off Next & Prev Buttons and Hide Lesson Numbers

Branched scenarios are one of the most powerful learning tools in an e-learning developer’s toolkit. That’s why I’m so excited about two new Rise features that make building branched scenarios a whole lot easier: turning off the next and previous buttons and hiding lesson numbers.

You can turn off lesson numbers and the next and previous buttons with two simple toggle switches located under the course Settings, Navigation menu. Here’s a quick little gif to show you where to find them:

Locating two new branching features in Rise

With navigation buttons and lesson numbers turned off, now you’re ready to build cool decision-making interactions using button blocks to guide your learners down a non-linear path that really gets them thinking!

Curious to see this feature in action? Head on over to this how-to article from Nicole and check out an engaging example of a branched scenario built in Rise.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

I haven't heard a lot of talk about that type of need from folks in the Community, but I'd love to know more about your needs to share with our team. We're always interested to hear what features or setups would allow for you to design courses easier, faster and that provide that Wow factor you're looking for -  let me know here, or feel free to submit a feature request!