2 Q's: LMS Reporting/Tracking Multiple Scores

Apr 11, 2018

Hello Heroes!

Q 1: I completed a test course in our LMS where the score was 67% (attachment- Image 1). I got a successful completion in the LMS, although settings in RISE indicate the learner must achieve a score of 80% to pass (attachment- Image 2). 

What am I doing wrong?

Q 2: Is there a way to track multiple quiz scores (attachment - Image 3)? For example, in SL 360, you can have multiple quiz questions dispersed throughout the course. Then you would select the Results slide for the LMS Reporting and Tracking options. 

I am assuming there is very limited functionality with Rise compared to SL 360, but I wanted to see if there was some similarity in language. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Faye,

Thanks for those images. What LMS are you using? Could there be another setting there that is overriding the Rise completion/success status? A good way to test this would be to upload to SCORM Cloud, which is a standard for LMS testing. 

If you'd like to share your Rise export here, I'm also happy to upload and test there.

As for tracking multiple quizzes in Rise, our Product team is always curious to hear what things you'd like to see added to Articulate 360 - so you're welcome to share here in ELH or feel free to detail them more through a feature request!

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