Two RISE projects into ONE

Apr 22, 2017

Good day all,

I've seen a lot of questions about whether RISE project A can be saved, uploaded, posted as RISE B, then portions selectively trimmed so as to act as a base for a new project.  Makes sense.

But, I wonder if I had a RISE A and RISE B, whether A could be merged with B?

I have a number of projects in mind with perhaps a 30% overlap between and among them.  I don't want to start B, C, or D, though, if I can't eventually merge them with a not-quite-finished A, unless a merge feature is in the queue.

Thanks for any advice!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

So Rise A would be the base or starter course for all your other courses? If so, I'd keep that one as a template and duplicate it when you start a new course.

I could see how a feature to merge the course would really help you out. We've got some things on our roadmap that may help you out by tying multiple Rise courses together or allow for branching within the course. Those items are still in the early stages so I don't have an ETA to share.

The scenario you described is helpful for our team as they look at building that, so keep the detailed feedback coming! 

Michael Fimian

Thanks Ashley...  Sounds promising.  I'll bet there are a lot of people who will eventually make use of a feature like this...

If there's one thing for sure, the demands of users on an app like Rise, the expectations are going to continue to grow.

Looking forward to seeing what the team eventually comes up with!