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Crystal Horn

Hi Rachel.  Internet Explorer 11 is supported for viewing your Rise output.  Can we do some testing to compare what happens in SCORM Cloud?

You can either upload your zipped output to SCORM Cloud, or if you'd like to attach it here, I'm happy to troubleshoot.  Just let me know which SCORM format you used to export your course.

Karen Kaye

Hi Rachel, I'm actually struggling to get my Rise course to play in Chrome in our Meridian LMS. I'm just getting a blank white screen when I preview it. Would you be willing to share what your course settings are? Or whether you had any issues getting it to play in Chrome that you had to troubleshoot? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen, 

I'm sorry you're still having trouble with the Rise courses playing in your LMS. Have you also given it a test in SCORM Cloud to rule out anything with the Rise course - since it's now also not working in Chrome? That'll be good information to share with your LMS admin too! 

If you run into any issues at SCORM Cloud let me know and we'll help get to the bottom of it! 

Rachel Horton

Hi Karen,

Meridian applied a patch to our production site over the weekend.  This patch appears to have been successful.  Our LMS Admin tested a course published in SCORM 1.2 in both IE and Chrome.  In both browsers, she can load the content and proceed with the entire course.  One caveat is that you need to use the latest version of IE in order to scroll down on the pages.  Apparently that is a known issue with Articulate.

Bottom line...contact Meridian for a patch.  Hope this helps.