Unable to download Rise zip.

Help! I created a zip package, the respective link is sent to my e-mail, but in the Rise page, the button doesn´t allow me to download the file. It only appears, very briefly, a legend thas says "Solving host" or  something about "run-time" (it´s the only thing I get to read, since it appears so briefly).  Other download sites, for example Freesound.com, work well. 

A few days ago the button allowed me to download another version of the same course. This new version includes a Storyline interaction, could this be the cause?

I´m working in a Windows 10 PC.


 I click on "Download course" but there´s no download.

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Daniel Albarran

Wait: when clicking many times trying to get a screen capture of the brief messages, it suddenly allowed me to download the zip file. I´m not sure if the repeated clicking the button has something to do, or maybe one of those clicks coincided with the site fixing. By the way, the url is: https://rise.articulate.com/author/AEFOK0QnelnTN3voBg1YVTJmrDm2-GVB#/download/cmlzZS9wYWNrYWdlcy9BRUZPSzBRbmVsblROM3ZvQmcxWVZUSm1yRG0yLUdWQi9vLWFtakZoai56aXA=

Crystal Horn

Hello, Daniel. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seeing intermittent problems which may be contributing to Articulate 360 services being unavailable for some users. We're working hard to confirm if that's the case. Here's the AWS status page:


We will update you once we have more information!