Unable to navigate Rise course when user quits browser and returns

Feb 03, 2021

We are publishing Rise courses in SCORM 2004 4th edition, but what is happening:

if you exit the browser without saving and closing the course, when you return, you are directed to the last page you visited, but the continue buttons are gone.

You can't go forward or back. I took away the menu because of the bug in Rise (that doesn't allow you to see the continue buttons if you use the menu) so our users are stuck.

We are using Successfactors.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

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Chino Navarro

Hi Victoria,

I can see that you reported this issue in a different thread, and Alyssa asked you to share your output file with us here. We would love to look at your problem with the Continue buttons disappearing when you use the Menu and see how we can prevent your learners from getting stuck in the course.

Victoria Sublette

I didn't see any comment in any other threads, but I will report this issue. I read in another thread that the Continue buttons will work if you don't show the menu. It was a work around, so I suppressed the menu and now can see the continue button. However, this is another issue.

I will upload it to the link you have there.