Unable to translate the content from English to Mandarin and Korean language (using import function)

Jan 09, 2023

Hello! I have uploaded the Mandarin and Korean translated versions but unfortunately, the contents remain in english after importing. There's a notification saying that it has been successfully imported. Could you pls help? Thank you!

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Thor Melicher

I took a look at both of your files and I see that there are no <target> elements within so Rise will report it is successful because it doesn't see anything to import.

If you're going to do the translation by hand, which is difficult but possible, what you need to do is to copy all of the text for each source section (starts with <source> and ends with </source>) and then change those tags to say <target> and </target>.  A couple of things off the top of my head that makes this difficult:

  • No whitespace so it's all one line
  • There are a lot of HTML tags that need to be copied as well.  If you don't get it right when creating the copy, it will likely cause an error and it's hard to troubleshoot when this happens

There are several CAT (computer aided translation) programs out there and I have created a solution that can also help.  If you would like more information, please private message me here or reach out to me on LinkedIn.