Unwanted white bars on the sides of my Storyline block

Hi all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for removing the white bars on both sides of this Storyline block that I brought into my Rise training (please see attached screenshot)? Or making them the same light gray as the rest of the Storyline interaction/background of the block? This Storyline block was supposed to blend seamlessly into the Rise training, but those white bars are pretty big seams. :)


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Dana,

By default, the majority of backgrounds for Rise blocks are set to white, although for some reason a number of them, such as the Storyline block, are set to light grey. Depending on what background colour you are using for your other blocks, a simple solution here for you would be to change the Storyline block background to white, which would make your white bars effectively disappear and also make your Storyline block stand out with its grey background.

I realise that this is a workround as opposed to a solution to prevent the white bars appearing in the future, but without seeing your pre-published Storyline file, it is a bit difficult to spot where the bars have come from.

Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Dana!  Without seeing your Storyline file, my best guess is that these white bars on the sides are somehow coming from the Storyline 360 player.  In your player settings, at the top, do you have "Menus & Controls" set to "Off"?  If not, give that a try, republish to Review 360, and reinsert into your Rise 360 course.  Having the menus & controls set to "off" is always the first step in getting your Storyline 360 content to be seamless into your Rise 360 course! If that doesn't work, and you don't mind attaching your slide to this thread, we'd be happy to take a closer look!

Tom Kuhlmann

The Storyline block is content that has to play in a Storyline player. This player gets embedded in the Rise course. Since Rise is responsive and can be squeezed and stretch in the browser and the Storyline content will scale, it's possible you'll see the player in the block.

Most people try to colorize the block to match the player to try and make it as seamless as possible. Which is what you did by changing the slide background to match the block background.

Curious...have you tried changing the way the block displays? You have small to full width as options. What does that do to the bars you see? 

Another potential tip:

  • Before turning off the features as Elizabeth explains above, go to the player's features tab and deselect everything.
  • Then go to the modern player options and turn off the features.
  • Then at the slide level, go to the slide properties and turn off the prev/next buttons.