Updates on features?


Would it be possible to have updates on these features in Rise?

1. Custom Fonts
I saw that the option to add other (custom) fonts was supposed to happen by the end of Q3 '17 (by the end of September). Not seeing it as an option as of September 22, 2017.

2. Adding Storyline Modules
A month ago (8/29/17), Arlyn Asch (CTO) sent an email to all subscribers that highlighted new features, including "a Storyline block for Rise, which will let you add Storyline modules into your Rise courses." I still don't see this as available. Any news on when it will happen?

3. CSS Controls
There are a few glitches that could be taken care of easily through more advanced CSS controls. One of which is the (lack of) indentation for multiple lines of lists created in text fields. I'll attach a screenshot of the issue. Any ideas on how to fix this inside the tool besides making updates in an HTML copy?

Thanks for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura, 

Thanks for checking in! 

The Storyline block is almost ready - and it's targeted for release sometime next week. Once it's available we'll let folks know - we see how excited everyone is! 

The custom fonts is still being worked on - the downside to us sharing expected release dates, is they may shift a bit. Once it's live, we'll let folks know and you'll see it immediately in Rise while editing text. 

For the CSS editing, it's not something on our roadmap, but I'd love to know more about what you'd like to edit? You mentioned the bullets/alignment and that's something we've shared with our team as a possible bug - so they're digging into that now. Once it's fixed I'll let you know here!

Katie Riggio

Hi Laura,

I wanted to follow up on Ashley's post here to let you know that we just released another update for Rise.

This update includes the feature you mentioned in your post: Personalize your Rise courses with custom fonts for headings and body text. Just upload your font files in the theme settings.

Please be sure to check out our community post here for additional information as well as a video guide.

We hope you enjoy, and please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.