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Karl Muller

Whether or not updating a SCORM will result in resetting learner progress depends entirely on how your specific LMS functions.

Most LMS's will treat any update as a completely new course, and will reset learner progress forcing them to start over.

The LMS that we use in our organization provides two options when uploading a new SCORM package for a course with learners that are currently in progress.

The first option "replace course" treats the new SCORM file as a brand new version of the course, .e.g. large scale content changes were made that require learners to restart to master the new content,

The second option "update course" treats the new SCORM file as a minor update, e.g. fixing typos, very minor changes, updating external links, etc.

Note that for the second option, if there were any structural changes such as adding new lessons or deleting exiting lessons, learner progress will also be reset as the learner data structure no longer matches the course structure.

You best bet is to contact your LMS vendor and find out how SCORM updates are handled.

Most likely it will reset learner progress.