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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Neal! ūüôā

Could you share the original logo jpeg file with me here? I'd like to test it on my end as well, and see if I can straighten this issue out for you.

Simply attach the file to this thread by clicking on the ADD ATTACHMENT button.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Delia! Really sorry you're running into that message¬†‚Äď I'd be happy to¬†help get to the bottom of this ūüĒé

I went to Settings > Theme > Upload Logo where I was able to upload both of those files successfully. Here's a quick Peek of what I saw.

In terms of next steps:

  • Can I confirm the path of where you tried uploading those image files? Was it in the Theme section as well, or?
  • What browser were you using when¬†you hit that error message?¬†Here are¬†the supported¬†ones for authoring Rise courses.

I'll be here!

Delia Guillermo

Hi Katie,

Thanks for looking into this. Really appreciate it.

These images were being uploaded from my desktop, and I tried uploading them from a shared folder too, but both did not work.

Used both IE and Firefox too, got the same error.

I restarted my laptop today, and will clear cache for both browsers, and will try it again. Hopefully it‚Äôll work this time. ūüėä


Katie Riggio

Appreciate¬†your update, Delia! You know where to turn if you do run into any upload trouble after that ūüėȬ†

Just a quick pro-tip: The latest version of Firefox is recommended for authoring Rise courses. We support viewing Rise courses in IE11, but not authoring them there. Here's a handy reference:


I hope that helps!