Uploaded video issue

We've got two pretty large Rise modules loaded onto our Infor LMS. For the most part they're working properly, but we've gotten intermittent error messages for our uploaded videos that prevent people from playing them. They can get rid of the error by scrolling down and moving on, then coming back to the video, but it's not an optimal situation and I'd like to get it fixed.

The Rise modules are exported in SCORM 1.2 and are being accessed in IE11.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Blaine, I'm glad you reached out! 

Since you exported your Rise course for SCORM 1.2, the first thing I'd recommend is to test your course in another learning management system. That'll help us nail down whether the problem is tied to your LMS or if it's related to the course itself. SCORM Cloud is a handy option--it's industry standard, and it's free!

If you find the same error messages appear in SCORM Cloud in IE11, then we'll want to have a closer look at the video files you uploaded. You can send those directly to us right here!