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Ree Walker-Greer

Hi there Alyssa -
I hope you're able to assist me with a similar matter. An E-Learning was created by a colleague who is no longer with our organization; and who was not part of our licensed subscription. However, they created the E-Learning in Rise 360 under another subscription; likely a trial.

Nevertheless, I was able to get the zip file from our LMS team. However, I do not see where I can upload the file in Rise 360 to revise/edit the content; so we can continue to use the E-Learning. Are you able to provide guidance as to how I would upload the file into Rise?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ree,

Because Rise 360 authoring is web-based, there isn't a way to upload a published file into Rise 360 for editing. 

The original author should have sent you a copy of the course following these steps. Is there any chance you can contact the original author to have them log in to rise.articulate.com to send you a copy of the course?