uploading custom fonts in Rise

I am using Isadora Sans font medium for body and Semibold for headers and italic.

I have converted the fonts to WOFF using Font Squirrel.

When I go into Rise > Customization and I clicked "Add custom font."  I gave a name to the font "Isidorasans"

Then clicked on the Regular (body font) UPLOAD button. I navigate to my folder with the WOFF converted font and selected Isidora Sans Medium.

Clicked and added the Medium (Regular), Bold and Italic fonts.

Clicked Save and closed that window.

Here is where I lose it.

I select the Heading Font to dropdown and only see the Name I gave the group of fonts. I am not able to select the Isidora Sans Bold. Same with the Body Font.  Please tell me why and how to upload the heading font and the body font when all I see is the "Name" I gave to the group of fonts.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon!

What versions of the font did you upload? Did you upload only the regular version, or did you also include the italic and bold versions? 

If you want to make a font bold, simply highlight the text and select Bold from the floating toolbar. This should work as long as you uploaded the bold version of the font. 

LaVon Bowman

Thank you for your response. I have submitted and uploaded files. I did upload Isidora Sans Bold, Isidora Sans Medium (or Regular) and Isidora Sans Italic. Those names do not appear in the settings drop-down menu. Only the name I created for the font group. Is that normal? I wish for a peek video of the process. It was not intuitive for me. It may also help others who are attempting this. I did a lot of reading on this process on Articulate but I never saw anything about the Name you create for your font group being all that is displayed in the dropdown list for customized fonts. I may be doing it correctly but it was difficult to know that when all the body font was displayed as bold and headings were a medium font but large in size. I need to be able to explain this process to others but I can't because it is confusing visually. A "peek" video would really work for this.

Thanks, your help is always much appreciated. LaVon

Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon!

Yes, what you described is normal! You're on the right track. Please watch this short video where I explain custom fonts in more detail.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that headings in Rise are automatically displayed in bold, so you don't need to manually select bold for those. 

Please let me know if the video clears things up for you!