Uploading Rise SCORM to Cornerstone - Error Message

Aug 04, 2020

Hi! I need assistance please with uploading a Rise SCORM to Cornerstone. I have uploaded at least 50 of these and have had no issues till now. This e-module is the only one where I have embedded Articulate Storyline into the Rise module. I have looked at other posts in this forum where it recommended deleting the "tincan" files. I have tried that to no avail. With the tincan files, I get the error message that everyone else has described. Without the tincan files, I receive the attached error message. Please help! Thanks!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Rae!

Thanks for letting us know that the Rise course contains a Storyline block — that's a good clue! Please try this:

  • Check for updates in Storyline 360. We released a fix for this issue in a recent update, so if you see an update available, install it. 
  • After updating Storyline, publish a new version of the content to Review 360. Use a new title to distinguish the new version from the original.
  • In your Rise lesson, delete the Storyline block. Then, add a new block and import the newly published content.
  • Publish the Rise 360 course for LMS, and try uploading the output to Cornerstone. 

Let me know if that solves it!

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