URGENT REQUEST: Text Missing in Published Storyline Quiz Imported into Rise Block

Hi all,

I have Rise courses that I have use the Storyline Block interaction to pull in Storyline quizzes.  Rise requires that I pull in from Articulate Review.  I can only publish Storyline to HTML5 out to Review.  

When viewing the published Rise course, the Storyline Quiz has missing font characters.  This has been an issue with my courses before and rectified using Flash>HTML5, but not option here.

Why is this happening?  Can I correct this give the method I am using above???

Help :)


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Law Blank

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for responding.  The unfortunate thing is that would mean a global change to our IE settings for 16k+ learners and having our IT dept implement this.  If this is the only solution, I can certainly request this, but if it is the only solution, that's a bummer.  I will continue to publish to FLASH>HTML5 but have concerns when Flash is finally retired.  

Thanks for the help...gives me some direction and ideas for planning.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Matthew. To confirm, it sounds like you're using Flash output in Internet Explorer to avoid font issues you're seeing in HTML5 output.

Try adding a continue button above the Storyline block in your Rise 360 lesson. The continue button will prevent the Storyline block from displaying until the user clicks to Continue after viewing the blocks above.

We are investigating an issue where the lesson will jump directly to the Storyline block when the Storyline interaction is published with Flash as the default output, and Flash Player is enabled in the browser. I'll tag this discussion for updates!