Usability issue due to the animation update

I assume this is due to an update that we experience a bothering usability issue, when using Timeline and Centered images elements.
This affects the elements that do not show immediately as before, but are animated with a delay and appear a bit later and/or only after a user scrolled down.
This leads to the following artifact, as in the screenshot, please see attached, "the yellow hand-written "empty" marks where the image should appear - which is not static anymore but has this animation effect which prevents it from simultaneous displaying with the text in a paragraph next to it.
So the text above the image is shown, however image itself is not shown, because the user did not scroll down. But users in such a way do not have any indication they should scroll down. And they miss out the image and the steps below this yet-missing image.

Same with the Timeline element: the nice vertical line that hints about the continuity - is not shown untill the user scrolls, as well as the next step in the timeline, missing the whole point of the continuity.

UPD: I have found a way to switch this animated feature off, which switches off the images animations but does not affect the animation effect of the Timeline element, unfortunately it cannot be controlled.
So in case anyone else wonders, it is located at the bottom of the Settings page in Rise, the parameter Block Entrance Animations - just make "off".

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Irina!

It looks like you found out how to turn off Block Entrance Animations--great find!

For anyone else who has never seen that setting, simply move the Block Entrance Animations switch to the Off position at the bottom of your theme settings.

It sounds like you also want to turn off the fade-in animation on the Timeline block. Thanks for letting us know you have a need for this! If we add that functionality in the future, we'll let you know.