User/account management with Rise

Hi there,

We are new to Articulate Rise.

We are currently developing an e-learning platform for our software product to replace our ancient PowerPoint training presentations. We are going to sell this on to our clients.

Now, the question is - how do we manage users access to the Rise training site? If e.g. a client purchases a 3 months subscription for from us, we need to be able to create a user and grant access to the training site for 3 months.

How is that done in Rise?

Thank you



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ulrik,

It sounds like you want to use Rise as the way to share courses with your clients and subscribers? The Share link is built for light sharing of a Rise course, but if you're looking to restrict access, track whose using it, etc. you may want to look at the options for hosting in your own web server or Learning Management System (LMS).

Take a look at the steps here on how to export a Rise course.