Using a Banner Photo with a Quote in Rise

I'm adding a banner photo (from the content library) with a centered quote at the beginning of every lesson.  It publishes perfectly in Review.  However, when I publish it to PDF, what was a narrow cropped photo, is now a full-sized photo and rather than the quote being centered, it is now right justified. See images below.

I have a concern - what happens if I don't want someone to see the entire photo?  For example there is something in the photo is objectionable. I know you can crop in Rise, but it is limited and you don't have the ability to refine.  

So you might say - why don't you crop the photo before importing it? Because it too has problems. I 'd have to open PowerPoint, find the photo in the Content Library, download it, crop it and then import it in Rise. Of course, when it uploads to Rise, the top and bottom will be cropped off. So now instead of seeing too much of a photo in a PDF, I now can't see enough of the photo in Rise. This means refining in PPT and importing it into Rise over and over and over until you get the look you want/ need.  

Is there an easy remedy for this?  Thoughts? Suggestions?



PS - I use PDFs for spelling and grammar, determining if there are extra spaces, word counts, find/ replace...  I'm hoping Santa will put these features in my "Rise stocking" for Christmas.  (lol) 

1st photo - published in Rise

2nd photo - published as a PDF

This is for illustrative purposes only. 


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Chino Navarro

Hi Penny, thanks for reaching out. The reason why the PDF shows the entire photo is because Rise 360 is adaptive. Depending on what dimension and device you are using to view the course, the image will show or hide some elements in the image. When you export the course for PDF, it isn't tailored for a specific dimension or device, so it posts the whole image.

As a workaround, you can crop the image with a third-party program, duplicate the course then upload the cropped image in the duplicated copy. Sure, the image may look different compared to the original course, but the duplicate copy was created for exporting for PDF.