Using Avatars in Rise with Storyline Blocks

Jan 16, 2019

I've created a scenario based course in Rise featuring a "select your avatar" Storyline block where the user gets to choose their own character. Is there a way to incorporate the user-selected avatar throughout the different Rise blocks and interactions? For example, if the user picked avatar "Laura" at the beginning of the course, would the same character "Laura" be able to follow the user throughout the different interactions (utilizing separate blocks and Storyline scenes throughout the course)?  Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Danielle,

The Storyline blocks are all distinct and aren't really set up to hold the value of a variable from one to the other. With that said, there may be a way to build something that uses JavaScript where the variable of one SL block is saved and the other SL block pulls it in. 

It's outside the scope of what you get with Storyline and something we don't support. But perhaps one of our community experts who knows JavaScript can help you out.

I'd post a new question. Something like: Can I do ________  with JavaScript? That should get some attention from them.

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