Using button stack blocks to allow non-linear navigation of course


I have a need to create a course with non-linear navigation, similar to a branching scenario, but different in that once a user completes a section, they will return to the initial navigation menu to visit another section.  

My initial idea was to use a three button stack followed by a "Continue" button that is locked until all of the buttons in the block have been clicked.  Once the user unlocks the "Continue" button, they will be able to proceed to the quiz.  

Any thoughts?

Restrict continue button based on button stack


Desired course logic

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Adam!

Thanks for posting your questions here in the community. To answer the 2 questions in your image:

1) can we set buttons to display differently after being visited? The answer is no, but if you would like to submit a feature request for that, you can do so here

2) can the continue button be locked until all the buttons have been visited? The answer here is that the continue block does not work with button stacks at the moment. If you would like the ability to have the Continue button be unlocked after all the buttons in a button stack have been clicked, I would also submit a feature request for that as well. 

Hope that helps answer your questions - if there's anything else please don't hesitate to shout out here and we'll follow up!