Using external pictures and gifs in a variaty of blocktypes in Rise

Hey there,

while we are thinking about how to reduce the file size of a SCORM course build in Rise, we are wondering if there might be a way to implement recurring pictures and gif using external reffernces (uploading them somewhere else and use a link to the picture instead of uploading them directly into the course). To specify the problem: These recurring media appears in our block templates in a variety of block types (picture, process, labeled graphic), so we are looking for a solution that works in "every" block that allows adding media.

I hoped there might be a way to edit media by adding a link instead of having to upload it - but i couldn`t find this functionality. I also assume there is no way to add own pictures to the media library (assuming the library works with reffernces - not sure though).

Any ideas how to fix this problem?


Thanks a lot for your support!

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Jana. Besides using a multimedia embed block to insert externally hosted content, there isn't a way to link to external image files in other Rise 360 blocks.

We are tracking a feature request to include a media library that you can use to collect your media for a course. I'll let you know if we make any changes in that area!