Using images in Rise

I wondered if there was a possibility to be able to move or use a focus point in an image when putting it into Rise? For example, you may use a stock image, but when it loads in it doesn't always resize and the bit you'd really like to show people isn't visible, so it would be great to be able slide/move the image around so that the section of the image you want to be visible is just where you want it.

An alternative is to be able to put your cursor onto a focus point of an image so that wherever you click, it becomes the focus of the photo and will always be visible.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elaine! Thanks for sharing your idea! 

Rise 360 courses are fully responsive, so your images may have different dimensions as they adapt to different devices and orientations. For example, compare how this image appears on a tablet in landscape mode and how it appears on a smartphone in portrait mode.

It sounds like you need a feature that would set a specific focus point on an image that will display on all devices. I'll pass this along to our team!