Using native Learndash functionalities with Rise course



we have created several Rise courses and using Grassblade to import them into our Learndash LMS. However we noticed, that we cannot use native functionalities from Learndash like Achievement Badges or specific notifications as we are uploading the course as a whole.


What would be the best solution to use the standard Learndash functionalities with the Rise course?


Thanks for your help!


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Saurabh Chauhan

Hi Janine,

There is no out-of-the-box solution for this, as lessons are in Rise 360 package not in LearnDash LMS. I guess you're adding Rise content to the first lesson. You might need a developer to create something for you.

If you want to issues badges for the whole Rise 360 course or score of the quiz. Then, this free plugin integrates GamiPress to GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS. That can issue badges and points for xAPI Content.

The GamiPress points can be awards on several criteria like:

  1. Completed any xAPI Content
  2. Completed a specific xAPI Content
  3. Failed any xAPI Content
  4. Failed a specific xAPI Content
  5. Completed any xAPI Content scoring within a percentage range
  6. Completed a specific xAPI Content scoring within a percentage range

Learn more:

I hope this helps a bit.