Using secure links in Rise

Rise does so many wonderful things, yet we want it to do even more.

We would like to embed a link in a Rise module that links to company content. When inserting the link into Rise,  of course it doesn't recognize it as a public link and will not publish the link.   We realize Rise is web based and security is always an issue, but this module would be published for web and hosted internally.

Any work arounds or code edit in Rise where a secure, internal link could be inserted?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Neil.  Rise is verifying the URL when you use the URL/Embed option. If Rise can't see the URL (because it's only accessible from a private network) it's not able to verify it and won't embed it.  I'm happy to share your need with the team as a feature request, however.

In the meantime, have a look at this workaround shared by another community member!

Neil Stadlman

Thanks.  Actually, that's the same solution I came up soon after I posted.  I tried a Web Object first and worked but showed as a blank space in Rise when published to our company's site. 

Then I tried to get fancy and add an image on the Web Object as per option in Storyline.  Then a jpeg issue arose when publishing.

Ended up making a single, simple slide in Storyline with an image and a button containing the link to the page.  Published to 360, Inserted into Rise, published and TA DA!  Button and link work fine.