Using Tabs and Process in RISE 360

Hi, apologies if this has previously been raised. I have a couple of different blocks I'm using in RISE - Tabs and Process - and I would like to get learners to click through all of the sections set up before being able to continue.

I've added a Continue block after Tabs and set it so that the learners need to complete the content before being able to move on. In testing it, even though I have clicked on every tab, the Continue block doesn't change colour to allow me to click and progress.

The same thing happens when using the Process block.

Is there a bug, or is there something I need to do when setting things up?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I tested this and I also find that the Continue button will not activate after completing the content above (the Tabs Block), however I do get it to activate for the Process block.

Unless I am missing an exception for this block, you can report this as a bug here: