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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicole.  Sounds like you need to make sure your learners are watching the video before moving on.  With embedded media, because it's hosted externally, there's no way for Rise to control its timeline.  You'll want to insert a video from a file for maximum control over learners viewing that content. 

Check out the difference here.  The first video is embedded, and you'll see that the Continue button appears once the learner has scrolled past the embedded video block.  The second video is inserted from a file and becomes a part of the course.  I disabled forward seeking, and voila!  The Continue button isn't active until that video completes.

Are you able to get the source file for your YouTube video?

Nicole DaCosta

Yes I would be able to get the source file. 

The team that I'm working with were just considering the difference between uploading the source video vs embedding videos.  The course we're building will have a number of videos and we like that we can have the captioning included with embedded YouTube videos.  However, we also would like to ensure that viewers are watching the videos before moving on.  I guess our team will need to discuss further.

Thanks for the clarification!