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We're loving Rise and up until the recent update it has been working great on all our devices using SuccessFactors LMS. The courses we published back in March (23rd) worked perfectly, but we're having an issue with the recent update. Anything we publish (SCORM 1.2) works fine in the browsers on PCs, iPhones, etc - but the SuccessFactor app (which is unfortunately how learners access it on their internal locked down iPhones) no longer lets users scroll vertically. Do you have any idea why? All the new ones we try don't scroll and if we replace with the old they do!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Ananda - what iOS is the device you're using? I checked with a colleague who initially worked on this issue, and we haven't heard any other reports from the SuccessFactors users who reported it before. Perhaps there is an update the SuccessFactors app to work with the latest iOS? 

Have you looked at using the sample Employee Health and Wellness course that is in the Rise account? You can play around with that one and export it out for testing in your LMS. If you deleted it by accident, not to worry! Our team can resend it if you reach out here. 

Ananda V

Thanks Ashley.

  • I see this issue on my iPhone 6S when I was on 11.2.5 and also when I updated to 11.3 (public BETA).
  • My colleague has the same issue on iPhone SE iOS 11.2.5 
  • Another colleague also tested on iPhone 7 iOS 11.2 and has the issue. 

We all have the latest Successfactors app version 6.6.1 

No, I dont have the sample and have reached out to the support and have a case created now. Will test the sample when I get and let you know how it goes. 


Ananda V

Hi Ashley,

Managed to get hold of sample Rise content and tested outside directly through browser outside the Successfactors app. It seems there is this horizontal scrolling issue even then. See attached videos. 

this points to be Apple issue like it is mentioned previously in this thread. Can you folks find more from Apple regarding this? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Ananda,

Thank you for the details. 

So, when you say horizontal scrolling, do you mean scrolling the content while in landscape mode? I can see where you are unable to access the next lesson.

This is actually an issue we have reported to our team. I'll add this thread as we track user impact and so that we can update you here when we can.

Leslie McKerchie

I understood when I saw your video Ananda, and landscape mode was the key word I needed to identify the report ;)

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur as well, but as I mentioned this is tied to the report so that we can update you when we can.

Thanks again.