Video compression in Rise

Hello, I uploaded 35 videos to a single Rise course. They were compressed in Handbrake before so they weren´t very heavy. After I exported the course in Rise, all the videos ended up with a 50% increase in their size, comparing the original videos and the ones in the Assets folder.. How is this possible? For example a video which was 10MB, ended up having 15MB.. What can I do? The SCORM weights more than 700MB, it´s crazy. Please, help!!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Cecilia!

It sounds like the size of the video files is doubled after being exported as a part of a Rise 360 course.

Typically, Rise 360 will compress your video files to reduce file size while maintaining quality. Sometimes it will end up a little bit larger to normalize the bitrate to run consistently on all devices. We are investigating why video file sizes are increasing too much, however, and I'll keep this discussion updated with changes.

Is this increase causing problems when uploading your output to your LMS?