Video error when VPN is turned on

Hi everyone,

My client gets an error when playing embedded videos if their VPN is turned on. Turning off their VPN resolves the issue. This is a problem as the learners need to have their VPN turned on in order to access their LMS. Has anyone ever experienced this? 

I've attached a screenshot of the error for reference.

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Traci P

On a previous project where I had this issue, we edited the video links so that instead of starting with http, they started with https. (We just added the s to the link.) Just something to look into in case it helps. The recommendation came from the client's IT team, so not sure if it applies everywhere but something to try.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for confirming, Danny. We've seen this error when the video was missing from the exported package. That doesn't sound like the case, since turning off the VPN allows the video block to play. We suspect something in the VPN settings is blocking the video stream.

Can you check with the support for your VPN whether there is a setting you can manipulate to help with media playback?