Video Errors in Canvas- Rise360

Feb 25, 2022

Hello Everyone, 

My colleagues and I are launching several new trainings on March 1, 2022.

We've built the courses in Rise360, and exported the courses using the web export. We're limited to the web export option as our current LMS (Canvas) does not have access to SCORM. We're working on gaining scorm access, but it's unlikely that we will have access before launching our courses. Our courses also involve video and interactivities, so the PDF output is not an option.

As we're testing the course in the LMS we noticed several glitches that do not occur within the course preview within Rise.

Errors Experienced:
* (For all testers) Unable to advance videos forward. If try to advance video, video restarts.
* (For some tester) the embedded videos error out. Error message displays as "a network error caused the media download to fail part way". Because this is only happening for some users, we're inclinded to believe that this is not an LMS error.

The below video link demonstrates both errors.
(Sorry for all the static in the video).

We're looking for guidance on:
1. How/why are users unable to advance the videos?
2. Why are some users receiving an error message part way through the embeded videos.

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Lea Agato

Hi, Amanda! To allow forward-seeking in your videos, you can click Edit > Settings and check Allow forward seeking.

I did test the course you shared and uploaded it to our web server, and I was able to fast-forward the video without any problems so it looks like this option has been checked already. I also didn't run into the error message you mentioned.

Have you tried uploading the course on a webserver and checking if you experience the same issues? If the video plays without any problems on your webserver, please submit a support request with your LMS (Canvas). They can best help you with this issue.