Video Linking vs Video Embedding

Jul 31, 2020

From what I've noticed:

A. LINKING to a video seems to do this:

  • puts an image taken from the video on the Rise page, along with a Play button
  • results in smaller file sizes
  • allows the learner to SKIP watching the video if they do not want to. (The Continue button cannot stop this.)

B. EMBEDDING a video seems to do this:

  • puts a plain black box on the Rise page, along with a Play button
  • results in larger file sizes
  • lets the developer employ the Continue button to semi-force the learner to watch the video before moving on (I say semi-force because, ostensibly, a tech savvy learner could click Play and drag the playbar to the end of the video to quickly get the Continue button to show)

A few questions:

  1. With re to A, can anything be done to ensure the learner watches the video if linked?
  2. With re to B, can anything be done to NOT have a plain black box appear when embedding a video?
  3. Are there any ethical considerations to either option? I would attribute the video to the original creator of course...but wondering if there is anything else I need to do.
  4. Would putting the video in a Storyline block help either A or B?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karin! 

Yes, you've correctly described the difference between linking to a video hosted on the web, and uploading a video file from your hard drive. Let's get to your questions!

  1. There isn't a way to prevent the learner from skipping over a linked video. This is because Rise 360 doesn't have control over the video hosted on a third-party website (like Vimeo or YouTube).
  2. Rise 360 displays the first frame of the video by default, and it sounds like the first frame of your video is black. You could use a video editing tool like Replay 360 to trim off the first few frames from the beginning of the video.
  3. This is a great question for other instructional designers in the community!
  4. Yes, putting the video in a Storyline block is a good alternative to uploading the video file directly to Rise 360. The file size will be smaller, and you can control forward navigation using a continue button. See this article for details.

Let me know if you have other questions about that!

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