Videos in Rise 360 not allowing Seeking/Scrubbing

Sometime last year, our users started reporting that they were unable to seek/scrub videos in our Rise 360 courses. Videos will play and pause fine, but if you try to back up and listen to something again, the whole video starts over. Obviously, this isn't great for the learner experience. 

Our IT department says its caused by Rise, but from my research, it appears that it should indeed allow scrubbing, if the Video Playback Speed setting is enabled in Rise (which it is). So my question is, what could be causing it? Is it a security setting I need to inform my IT department of? 

We are using Chrome and Edge browsers. Our videos are created in either Camtasia or Captivate. 

I appreciate any insight!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katie!

Your uploaded videos should allow for seeking/scrubbing as long as the Allow forward seeking feature is enabled. 

If that setting is enabled but you're still unable to seek/scrub the video playback, would you mind sending us the course Share link so we can take a closer look at it?

You can send it privately by opening a case here. 

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Russell! If you've checked the box to Allow Forward Seeking as shown in Alyssa's post, and you still can't forward seek when you've uploaded the file in your LMS, I would suggest troubleshooting the issue in SCORM Cloud to check if the behavior is the same. 

SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine that's free and supports AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API (xAPI), and cmi5 content.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use SCORM Cloud with Articulate content.
If your course works properly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, kindly share your SCORM Cloud findings with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. 
If the course encounters the same issues in SCORM Cloud, open a case with us here so that we can investigate. 
Burak Sam

Hey Russell,

We are having the exact problem :( I believe you are using chrome or edge browser. Try firefox, it will sork as intented...

But this shouldnt be the solution. Articulate guys should look for this since there are lots of people experiencing this in chromium based browsers :(

@Hazel, did you investigate this issue? Or did you try your contents in your LMS with chromiusm based browsers?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Burak,

Thanks so much for your note. We've tried recreating this problem from our side, but so far we haven't had any luck replicating it. 

Would you mind sharing your SCORM file with our team so we can test it in Chrome and Edge from our side? If that works for you, you can send the SCORM package through this case form. Thank you!