Videos showing Error while playing on Rise.


I have recently started facing issues related with the videos that i upload on Rise. Initially I thought that there can be an issue in Mp4 itself, but when i tried it with other media file, same issue appeared. 


I'm attaching the screen shot of the issue.


Can anyone share any thoughts, why this is happening. I have the most updated version of Articulate with me.


Amit Kumar Singh

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Chino Navarro

Hi Amit,

Do you see the error when you preview the course? If you are exporting your course, are you uploading it into a Web server or LMS then accessing it from there?

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:
1. Try accessing the course with a supported browser such as Google Chrome.
2. Make sure your browser and computer are fully updated.
3. Restart your computer.

Amit Singh

Hi Chino,

The issue is not appearing when I preview it in Rise. I'm exporting SCORM and uploading it into LMS and then accessing. The video is always getting stuck after running a few minutes. And the same video used to run smoothly before because these courses were created a year ago and folks are now coming back that they are not able to see

I'm opening it in Google Chrome and everything is updated. Also, I do have restarted the computer many times.


But the end result is always same. Do we need to make any special changes while publishing the course or any other changes.



Amit Kumar Singh


Chino Navarro

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the update. Can you check if the issue also occurs in SCORM Cloud the industry-standard testing engine?

This video shows how to use SCORM Cloud with your Articulate content:

And you'll find some helpful troubleshooting tips here:

If your course works at SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, please open a support case with your LMS provider. They’ll know how best to help with LMS-specific problems.

If your course doesn't work in SCORM Cloud, We'd love to take a look at your course. Feel free and send us the course's Share link here