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Ariel Goldman

Not to bring this all back up again, but having the option to autoplay videos would be amazing.  I understand that it can be an annoyance for some, but whether to include it should be the choice of the content developer, shouldn't it?

Present-state, we have to rely on dirty workarounds like rewrapping video clips as GIFs to enable autoplay, which looks like junk in high-def.

Cameron Gay

Hi I have not come across the term “animated QRGs” before.

I tried a google search but could not get a result

Can someone please point me to an explanation?

Many thanks

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Rob Wilson

I agree.  Autoplay of videos within a course is extremely useful.  I'm currently creating a Rise course and want a video to play that accompanies a text paragraph once it is reached.  It looks rubbish and interrupts the timings of the appearance of the text and video when the user has to press the play button for the video to start.  This should definitely be a function for the purposes of training!!!