View diploma only when passing test

Feb 10, 2017


Is it possible to publish a Rise course in web format (no LMS) and have users be able to access a diploma (perhaps a linked PDF) only if they pass a test? A colleague told me he'd heard that that's not possible, and that users can always skip past tests if they want.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andreas,

You can set up the navigation of Rise to be restricted so that the user can advance through the lessons, quizzes and blocks in the order you defined. If you're looking to include a URL to a PDF after completion of the quiz you could look at adding that as a page after the quiz which will include the results at the very end. Currently there isn't a way to restrict the access to that based on how the user scored - but it's certainly something our team could take a look at as a feature request! 

Andreas Larsson

Thank you very much for the answer! If there is no other way (without the use of an LMS of course, which we can sadly not use for the project we have in mind) to provide a diploma to only the students who actually pass the test/tests, then that does sound like a feature we'd like to see added. A beautiful course tool like Rise should not be merely a glorified responsive web page-builder after all. :)

I will post a feature request.

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